Ads not displaying on Windows 11

Since I upgraded to Windows 11 (Officially) Brave stopped displaying notification Ads even after hours of working on the browser. And since it is the official version and no data loss (in case of brave) I think the Ads should be displayed perfectly but no pop-ups or displays. I thereby request the brave-community to fix this problem

Not sure how 11 works nor do I think I will ever get to see it, but I know with 10 sometimes you have to make sure focus assist is off (or on forget which option it is) and make sure notifications are turned on, and finally go to the brave app and make sure it is checked to receive ads in the apps. Have you actually received brave ads on 11 yet, like did it work when you first initially set it up? Finally, sometimes there are just times you will not receive ads, sadly yesterday I used windows 10 almost all day long and did not receive a single ad, except the new image tab ones. Android has been dead for me for a solid week, and Linux has not had much better results.

Well I checked all of my browser settings + All the notifications settings but sadly no result. I even turned off and again turned on the brave rewards. I can’t uninstall the browser since I don’t have a verified account (to save the BATs) and I can’t lose my BAT tokens. By the way Thanks for your advise

Did this include not being able to find the ad notification settings in 11? I take it you did see ads before then and just not recently? Cause you mentioned not wanting to unstall to lose the BATs. Honestly I am not a pro by any means but these are just my experiences I have had with windows 10 and brave. At some point somehow the ads were turned off in the windows settings and as soon as I turned it back on, within minutes I received brave ads again. But now recently I do not get ads anymore on 3 separate devices. So it could just be bad luck of the draw. One last theory, 11 is still in the beta phase right, supposed to ship officially end of this year, so idk if that has anything to do with it / does brave support 11 yet?

I think simply there are not ads campaigns targeting win11 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:, but you still should get untargeted ads… not sure :thinking:

i have not got a ad in over 3 weeks and i have windows 10

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