Ads are not showing on widows 11

One month ago, ads were showing but that time I upgraded to windows 11, after than I didn’ t noticed whether ads are there or not but when I started to notice I found that ads are not showing in my brave browser. Since, I am not getting ads I am also not getting BAT tokens as brave rewards.

Please check your system notification settings and ensure that nothing has been changed/reset:

the Brave browser actually works very well (and could do better), but when using the OS’s native ads system (especially on Windows), there will always be a crash. there are some extensions (I have already verified it myself) that limit the appearance of pop-up ads. producing with this the lack of a reward. on other occasions I have said here and in other rooms, that the brilliant minds that work in the Brave browser, should create their own system of ads and rewards combined simultaneously. many problems would be avoided by achieving that dear friends :money_mouth_face:

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