Announcement that arrives, announcement that is not counted

Hello everyone, I present the problem that many of us already have about receiving ads but in the counter they do not increase, I have been 11 days and nothing that has been solved for me, I already did the restarting the browser, closing all the processes, wait for the next day, but Nothing, the problem continues, but you have to be patient with the Brave team, who are working to solve this problem that is affecting most of the users, we just have to wait for an update to solve all this

Hi Ciro1,
this might help you.

Hello Rotblut, my problem is that if the ads reach me, but the bat is not counted in rewards, this problem is happening to most of us

Now i got it. :blush:
Did you try to disconnect from uphold and after a brave restart (i alsoclean temp files and restart my PC) reconnect/log in?
This solved it for me last week, while having the same problem. Btw, somehow the ads i’ve already visit came to the counter and the BAT’s also count up.

Sorry, when you say disconnect, what do you mean?

It doesn’t work for me, but thanks for trying to help me

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