Notice on missing Brave Ads count/funds


We’ve noticed a significant uptick in reports regarding users who are seeing Brave Ads but the Ad count and associated funds are not being updated:

The team is very aware of this issue and are prioritizing a fix for this issue and hope to have one implemented as soon as possible. If you are experiencing this issue and have not yet reported, please comment on the thread linked above and tell us that you’re experiencing this issue and what OS you’re encountering it on.

Thank you for your patience – I will reply here with more information when it’s made available. Thank you.


I have been experiencing the same issue for over a month now. I have windows 10 OS.

I`ve got the same problem on Windows 10

I’ve been trying to claim my rewards from ads for 5 days now and keep getting the oops something went wrong after dragging that stupid triangle around. If you mess up and drag it on the wrong shape it will tell you to try again, but when you get it right it does the oops thing. It almost seems deliberate since you only get the oops when you drag it on the right spot. I hope the fix will be just to give us our rewards and not make us drag triangles around.

Having same problem, estimated pending reward and ad notification received doesn’t get updated when I click on brave ad notification pop-up. in the 7 day ad history it is sometimes recorded, or update is delayed. I used to get at least 10 brave ads a day and now I’m lucky to get 2 after updated to the latest brave browser.

I’m using Windows 10 and Brave Browser Version 1.3.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.87.

Actually I also noticed this bug when you guys rolled out version 1.3.114 but the only obvious problem that time was the browser crashing. Mine didn’t crash but I rarely get brave ads and was experiencing the same problem as of most users are experiencing now in 1.3.115. Reinstalled 1.3.113 after bug of 1.3.114 that fixed the problem but now when I tried to do the same after 1.3.115 release, bug still persists so I’m thinking it has something to do with the new sponsored image feature.

Also, after reset of 7 day ad history, my pending rewards was 5.9 BAT but now it’s 5.4. Not sure if this has something to do with the current problem with the latest browser version.

My ad count has increased and BAT count has moved up as well. Not counting my chickens just yet just mentioning that it is working for the moment. My 7 day ad list is still screwy though and it only lists 2 ads from 2/9/2020 and 2/14/2020. Getting better but still needs a little tweaking.

Has there been a fix for this yet? I’ve been having this same problem for a couple weeks now.

Dont think so.
I used to have 4.5 BAT from my first month. Although I know 1st-5th don’t count my estimated BAT has now reduced to 1.0 as well as my ads seen reduced to those seen from the 1st?

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