Adding New Sites

I need to add more sites to my brave rewards account. I’ve reached out to support several times and am not getting a response. I have 2 now and need my limit raised.

I am verified. I have 2FA turned on. How do I get a response? Thank you.

If you had reached to them after I guess 20th or something, it’s pretty possible that there must be tickets before you and your ticket didn’t come in queue before the holidays. The team is just coming back from the holidays, so I’ll tell you to be patient and wait for a response. They must be having a week or two’s Tickets in queue already.

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@scentednights2002 Am I safe to assume you submitted the ticket around December 19 when I shared the support ticket link over at How many blogs can you verify in your account??

If so, holidays likely is where delay has been. Many went on vacation and all. Staff just getting back this week.

That said, @steeven and @Mattches would either of you be able to follow up on this?

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Thank you. Sorry I am not used to that long of a break here in the states. We pretty much take off 3-4 days or at the most a week. I will wait a few more for a response.

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Thanks for your patience @scentednights2002, will follow up with a DM to resolve right away.


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