Brave Rewards Not Received Still

I have still not received my November rewards and it shows that congrats your rewards are here and I never got the prompt to claim the rewards. Kindly help.

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I will 3you to raise a ticket at

Also give more details like if your profile is verified with Uphold / Gemini or is it unverified?

unverified but I still received rewards every month

Yes, unverified profiles will continue to receive BATs in the rewards wallet.
Best way will be to raise the ticket as mentioned earlier.

Already raised a Ticket still no reply. ):

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If you understand, it’s the holidays going on. I’ll suggest you to be patient. I guess the team will be back on / after 2nd of January 2023. Also when they’re back they will be having a week or 2s tickets to catch up on so I guess you’ll get a reply a week after or something. You’ll be lucky if you get one earlier. Good luck.

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Are the holidays still going on?

Nope. The holidays are officially over. The team is just coming back from them though. Some members are still on official leave though.

Do check your emails. Even I missed the email and thought they hadn’t replied, so just double check your spam folder as well.

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