No rewards since moving to Uphold

I have been using Rewards for sometime now, when I first set it up I had Gemini but that was before they made the rule that only users in the USA could use this, so when I got a new laptop I had to set it up with Uphold.

Since being verified, I have had no rewards, it has been about 3 months. I asked Uphold who told me to put a ticket in with Brave. I did this (207032) and was told it was fixed and I would see it in my account in the next month. Still hasn’t appeared.

It seems since moving to Uphold, it is just not as easy to set this up (I had issues getting it setup in the first place) which is a real shame as this was one of the main reasons for using Brave. Gemini was much easy to setup and everything worked straight away.

Hoping the latest ticket will get this fixed (211782) or ask to try a number of steps/provide details around the resolution (I asked last time they said it was fixed as I didn’t believe it was, I was correct). If not maybe moving back to good old Firefox :-/

I will tag @Evan123 to look into this. Thanks so much!

BTW, could you check your spam emails as well ? I’ve had some tickets land up in that too!

So it seems they have finally arrived, not sure if anything was done in background but very grateful to be getting these again, so thank you to whom ever did a thing and got it working!

@SmartyAadi thank you for reply, when I initially put the support ticket in I did get an email come through. Just didn’t quite fix the issue. However all working now :slight_smile:

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