Adding manually to top sites does not work

Hi there, I use brave for a while having firefox before and I miss the function of simply dragging sites in the bar. Top sites might be just as good but I cannot manually add sites, my browser does not show the add site function!
Another thing I really miss is a simple screenshot and marker tool
Thank you ! Nicola

Did you mean this thing ?

or this thing

the second! Thank you !


Am I missing something?

where do I find that customize dashboard? I could not find it.

Look at the screenshot of @rethanis

There is an option below the right corner of the Home tab.
Customize one!


New tab pageCustomize.

Make sure you have configured New tab page showsDashboard. You can configure that when you open brave://settings/newTab via the address bar.

sorry, for the late reply! I did everything and it’s still not working…

Can you send a screenshot of that page so that I can see what you have done?


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