Option to add or customise sites on the new tab dashboard, like Chrome

I really wish you guys could add an option to ADD sites to the Top Sites tab in the New Tab Dashboard. OR another option to be able to add a set of sites to open from, when we click on the new tab option.
I was previously using Chrome, and I had the option to add a bunch of websites to show when I click on the New Tab option in Chrome. This helped me to quickly open new sites, as soon as I open a New Tab, and allowed me to switch between sites simultaneously, and this saved me a lot of time.
I switched to Brave recently, and I really like it compared to Chrome. But that I really NEED that option which I described above, as I have the habit of opening multiple sites while working, and I assume most people do. I also think it’s a really necessary and a basic feature every internet browser needs.
So I hope someone sees this, and adds that feature soon.

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This functionality will be available within 1.23.x release. You’ll be able to manually set up to 12 top sites.


Thank you for the quick reply!
Yes, that is a feature I’d love to see, and I can’t wait for the update
Thank you!

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