Adding feature to Brave

I want to request to add into Brave Browser the vertical tabs, which are so useful but only Edge allows customize the browser perfectly with this feature. Vivaldi browser has a similar function; however, the vertical tabs is not cute like Edge which allows compress or expand easily, giving more visibility and practicality for working or daily searching.

Brave already has vertical tabs. You have to enable it at brave://flags

They’ve had vertical tabs for quite a while now. But agree it’s not yet easy to find as it’s not yet perfected.

Once enabled, you right mouse click on tab and choose Use vertical tabs.

Photos 1_22_2023 14_06_07

From there, you’ll have them:

And the button on top expands/collapses.

TY so much, I really don’t have idea of that. but I already set it in Brave. I really need it in my life :slight_smile:

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