Tree style tab view

Is it possible to show past open tabs in a tree style along the edge of the screen?

Along that tho’t process will Firefox extension for tree style tabs work?

Hey Sandie,

Perhaps not the Firefox extension, but there might be an extension in the Chrome Web Store that fits what you’re looking for. However, if you’d like to make this a feature request, I can change it to one for you.

Yes, please do make it a feature request. I would prefer not to contaminate Brave with extensions from elsewhere. Unless someone has tried the tree style tab system, it is unappreciated.

The feature additions would be the tabs that were open when you last closed the browser would be visible in the tree display. HOWEVER, they would not open until “clicked”

Thank you, this my 1st week with Brave and it seems outstanding

Keep in mind that we do have a large volume of feature requests, some of which date back quite a long time now, so there is no guarantee that this will be added. Among that list also includes your request:

With any luck, this feature will be added in a future update, and I hope it does. There is the new “Tab Group”, which isn’t quite what you’re looking for, but it might be a decent substitute for it. Still, glad to hear that you’re enjoying Brave in spite of this, though. Hopefully your experience is as smooth and private as possible.

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