Add "Site search" in "Search engine" option. no examples no idea how to setup

want to search one site. reading/searching everything i can i see no exact instructions anywhere. i’ve pasted this in the Brave url bar and the default search engine is used to search those keywords for the internet. i go to Brave Settings>Search engine>Site search>Add. i have no idea what syntax/terms go into fields, tried some combinations nothing works. probably just one simple example would be clear for all of us to follow. how to fill this in and then how to execute searching one site, in my case! thank you!

Version 1.61.109 Chromium: 120.0.6099.144 (Official Build) (arm64)
mac 14.2.1

It kind of tells you exactly. So like in the screenshot you provided

Search Engine = Name of the search engine you want to add

Shortcut = The shortcut you would like to use to search it. For example, maybe you want to type in :bs and it would default to Brave Search. Then maybe ;g for Google. It’s whatever you want.

URL with %s in place of query = Exactly what it says. So do a search on your website and then copy/paste the URL. You’ll notice in the URL that has a query, which is your search term. Replace that with %s instead.

For example, I went to DuckDuckGo and typed in Somewhere. It then navigated to So I would remove everything after the =, which is my query. This means URL I’d be putting into that part of Add search engine would be

It works for me! Using “ pirates” in the address bar or in will get results only from wordpress.

The easiest way to get a wordpress entry in your personal search engine list is to

  1. make sure you have “Index other search engines” turned on in Settings
  2. do a search in the Wordpress site’s own search box

An entry for wordpress will then appear in your “Inactive shortcuts” section in Settings, which you can activate for yourself. The shortcut is “,” meaning that when you type that into the Address Bar and press Tab your search will be handled by the wordpress site.

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