Add search engines and export settings

First question:
I just installed Brave on another Computer (MacOS 10.15.7 Catalina) and accidentally deleted my search engines, except Bing…
How can I re-add them? According to this there should be an add button, like on the website search - but there isn’t one.

Second question:
I use the website search a lot and have tons of search engines implemented. Is there a way to export that (and other) settings and import them on a another instance of Brave?


They just modified the design. You still have the add button, but it’s under Site Search portion of Search Engine. You can see example where I just recently answered this for someone else over at Can't add search engine - #3 by Saoiray

I’m not sure which way to read this. Are you asking if it’s possible to share your search engines between different instances of Brave? If so, I know you can sync your different browsers together and all the settings should sync together (as long as you have selected it to be synced).

The search engine I used as a test the on this browser is appearing on Nightly as well. So I’m assuming should definitely sync with no problems.

However, I’m not aware to import/export things like search engine settings. If that’s what you need, I’ll have to try to tag in people who know a bit more.

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Ughhh… This is REALLY confusing… Of course I tried that as well, but it only works if you make it the default search engine. Only then it appears under search engines…

Bad UI Design…

Just to be clear for anyone who sees this topic, the shortcut still will work regardless. But you’re right that it only appears under Search Engine while it’s made default. I’m not sure why that is.

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