Add a safe password manager

I heard that some malware (like the fake videogames that are viruses distributed in Discord DM’s) can grab your password manager file and send it to third parties, so I request a safe, encrypted password manager, all passwords are stored at the brave account, and you can quickly transfer all locally-stored passwords to that password manager, this is good because will increase the security of the browser to some level, and well, it makes me feel a little more secure

If it gets added, THX!

All passwords in Brave are encrypted. Even if you copied my file that contains all my passwords, you wouldn’t be able to access any of it. Instead it just would look a lot like:

 heŒ heŒ ieŒ ieŒ ! ieŒ heŒieŒ1 , ieŒ$ b7a1a2f0_c19f_434d_8c82_0a4d01fc9755 heŒ  ieŒ kÉàT  heŒ heŒ  n Î    heŒ  n Î   ieŒ ü ieŒ  chrome://newtab/ | x ! p       ˆ  ˜ Ø ð   (  c h r o m e : / / n e w t a b /  8  0 8       chrome://newtab/ -Sè9d/ È  ÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿÿ  ÿ heŒ5 0 heŒ& {4BE67E9F-3AFB-4E8E-B13F-0A28B7AFCF75} heŒ  heŒ  n Î  

The only way to unencrypt it is to use Brave on your own device, on the User it was created, with the same username and password. The way it’s set up on Brave right now is safer than any password manager.

External password managers as you’re speaking of get targeted often.

For example:

It’s truly amazing if you spend time looking up “data breach” or “data hack” along with the various password managers. Almost all of them have been compromised at one point or another. I think the only one that claims it’s never had an issue is 1Password. Though there could be more.

Creating accounts, especially one that can be accessed with a username and password, just creates an extra vulnerability and can be easier to brute force your way into.

Now I feel a little safe now, but even so, with synchronization activated, on my Android the passwords are not saved, and using the Brave account I feel that is more convenient

If you have synced two devices, it should be sharing between them. If not, it’s just possible you don’t have the settings turned on within both devices or you failed to get them on the same sync chain.

Brave’s guide on how to sync is at

Or you can read through my various notes on Sync in my little FAQ by doing the links below: