Wanting better saved-password security with Brave's built-in manager

I use the Brave built-in password manager and I have noticed that by going to settings --> passwords, you can view all of your saved passwords in one place. I am data-security minded and I do not like the ease in which your passwords can essentially be found and viewed by anyone who has access to your computer/browser. Is there any way that we can shield this sensitive information from being accessed so easily, other than keeping a very watchful eye on your computer (mistakes do happen), or is there a better way that I just do not currently know of?

p.s. I have multiple redundant encrypted backups on USB drives of my passwords, but I do not like having them so easily accessed in my Brave browser - even by me.


If your OS has a built-in keychain-management system, Brave automatically uses that to protect the passwords you store with the built-in password-manager. Trying to view your saved passwords will require you to authenticate yourself to you operating system before the passwords are shown. What OS and version are you using?

I’m not Skim but i have the same question. For years i use FireFox on Win10 but it become terrible slow after years. Brave is amazing(real great) but very bad password protection. I think the most people prefer to use the protection from the browser itself because that’s the device that connects in most cases to the internet where the protection most needed in combination with risky internet traffic…

Bitwarden and all perfect.

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