Wanting better saved-password security with Brave's built-in manager


I use the Brave built-in password manager and I have noticed that by going to settings --> passwords, you can view all of your saved passwords in one place. I am data-security minded and I do not like the ease in which your passwords can essentially be found and viewed by anyone who has access to your computer/browser. Is there any way that we can shield this sensitive information from being accessed so easily, other than keeping a very watchful eye on your computer (mistakes do happen), or is there a better way that I just do not currently know of?

p.s. I have multiple redundant encrypted backups on USB drives of my passwords, but I do not like having them so easily accessed in my Brave browser - even by me.


If your OS has a built-in keychain-management system, Brave automatically uses that to protect the passwords you store with the built-in password-manager. Trying to view your saved passwords will require you to authenticate yourself to you operating system before the passwords are shown. What OS and version are you using?