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Please give us the ability to disable certain issues that arise as appose to the “all or none” approach with this blocking of “Ad and Trackers blocked” , I have come across sites were the “Ad and Trackers blocked” has stopped sites from functioning correctly in part and or there of for the simple reason you have a blanket approach. This may seem like a good idea for the novices, however for power user , its counter productive approach since people can’t create whitelist for parts of the blocks you put in place.
Think Ghostery approach in that it much easy to negate negative functionality.

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I also like to have fine control of what’s blocked, at times, but wonder whether this should really be something built into Brave vs. using an extension. Most of the time I just fly with Brave shields and DuckDuckGo’s extension, and I’ve used Ghostery, but to get really fine control, uMatrix has been my choice, probably largely because of the visual nature of the controls clicking with me. Here’s an example from a screenshot I used in another thread:

Is that the kind of control you’re looking for? What do you think about whether something like it really should be built into Brave?

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We’re already on it:


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