Whitelist adblocking whilst retaining anti-tracking (keep Shields up)

Is there currently a way to whitelist urls for just adblocking but without removing anti-tracking features, if not could such a feature be implemented? Or is an “adblocker” inseparable from an “anti-tracker”? The nomenclature implies a separate distinction, but the reality may currently be different.

i.e. I see topics offering the solution of completely disabling Brave Shields for sites with adblocker countermeasures, but why should users lose the security and privacy of anti-tracking just to be in compliance with a site’s anti-adblock TOS/EULA.

Perhaps Shields should/could be more configurable to users with the proliferation of privacy countermeasures (or more newb friendly in execution if it’s already thusly configurable)?

Ads and trackers will share many of the common rules, becomes too complex trying to seperate whether a rule is ad related, tracking related or both. Many domains will do both

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