Re-access Recovery Seed Phrase?

Is there a way to look at my recovery seed phrase again besides the first initial time? It seems to have been thrown away and in the event I do need to try and recovery the wallet I would like to be able to make another copy of the key. I’ve searched through the forums and can’t find any topics on where to reaccess it, only how to use it to recover a wallet, which I don’t actually need to do at the moment but am trying to cover my bases for the future. Am I missing something simple here? I’ve spent hours trying to find it again through all the settings.

I assume the question is about the in-built crypto wallet. The Rewards wallet no longer provides a seed phrase for back-up.

You can recover the seed phrase but only if you have the password and are able to log in to the wallet.

Then inside the wallet select the My Accounts->Settings->Security & Privacy->Reveal Seed Phrase

The importance of storing the seed phrase when you create a wallet cannot be over-emphasized. The password is no good if your computer dies or you can no longer access your wallet on your device for any other reason. Only the seed phrase will allow you to recover the wallet on another device.

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I do understand the importance of storing the seed phrase which is why I’m trying to RE-recover it. Unfortunately, I am unable to find the option to reveal seed phrase anywhere in the options, whether its under Privacy and Security or any other option menu.

As I said in my earlier reply you have to go to the settings menu inside the wallet.

These are the only settings within the actual Brave Rewards wallet. I started here first, but there is no
My Accounts >Settings>Security and Privacy > Reveal Seed Phrase
that I can find. Am I missing something here? lol …

That is your rewards wallet, not your crypto wallet. The rewards wallet no longer has a recovery key option. Again, I mention this in my earlier reply.

There is no BRAVE wallet in my “Crypto Wallet.”

I appreciate your help. I’m assuming I haven’t created a Brave wallet outside of the browser to transfer the funds to. Thank you again for your help. Much appreciated.

Press on the coloured circle in the top right, select settings, select Security & Privacy

Thank you again, I finally found it lol…

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