Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions

Hi everyone,

I understand that having your account under review can be a very stressful and uncertain experience – however, we kindly ask that you do NOT open threads on Community asking about the status of your account review.

Also, please do not PM Brave team members on Community asking about the status of your appeal.

If you’ve been suspended, you need to be in touch with Account suspensions are sensitive subjects and in the best interest of protecting people’s privacy (as well as keeping the forum from being flooded with these topics!), please do not open new threads with your support request numbers, etc. You’re more than welcome to discuss the subject at large of course, but individual cases will be worked through via direct email, not Community threads. Feel free to post any questions or concerns you have in this thread.

Asad @ Brave

Your account is under review. Ayuda
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Account suspension brave
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My account is under reveiew
My account is under review.please help
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My account under review please look
It's really hurt you know
Review account on brave
Your account is under review please help
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My Account got Under Review
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BAT with account is under rivew

Hello admin
because they suspended me again if you answered by mail you had eliminated the withholding of my account.
Now they tell me to tell me again by mail the same process I did a month ago.
What should I do


Can we get confirmation that we still get referrals even during Account Review? I can see from my webpage that im getting lots of hits and its a waste if they are not registered!


@Asad i sended you a PM, please review it and answer me, im not sure that whats happende, my account was reviewed and all is ok and now… under review. I help in your comunnity and apply to regional leader, but with this i have to stop the process… im not sure, please wait your response patiently.


Very disappointed Same account block again and again i think Brave system error. Or something went wrong with brave


A muchos nos ha pasado eso mi cuenta también esta bajo revisión y espero pronta respuesta


Asad @ Brave necesitamos su ayuda y le agradezco pronta respuesta mi numero de solicitud es 10897 Dios lo bendiga


Estoy suspendido por favor que tiempo dura la revision ?

please help my account is suspended, what time does that delay?


10327 Please respond ASAP I replied to your email <3 :blush:


My request number (10385) I send already all you need proof nd answering all questions to prove my account was clear. Please review


Mi id de solicitud is 11174 thanks

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The referrals will still be getting registered in the background, even if you do not currently have access to your dashboard.


Good morning fellow brave, I need to know why I can not access my

account since I am a registered and verified user.

I also communicate that any unusual activity in my

account is possibly due to trying to access my account and that

the internet fails at that moment or to use a vpn on my computer.

without anything else to make reference I hope to solve

that problem and the prompt payment of my BAT.


You send me an email about my account under review and replied to you what i did… i hope you solve it soon because i promote brave browser to all with out violating any rules…

My email:
My request is (10804)
Please check sir

esperando tu respuesta via Gmail hermano

How long was your account in review?
and how long did it take for your administrator to answer your email?

hello sir, whats the status now of number of tickets being reviewed? thank you much.

I am using brave since January 22 I have
received contributions for my content. I have not received my first payment yet and I am already under review? Who is not supposed to have contributions or referrals? I do not understand my channel has nice content. and it is legitimate, I practically upload videos every day.