My Account Brave Creator is under review

Your account is under review

We’ve noticed some unusual activity on your account. For that reason, we’ve suspended access while we take a closer look. Reasons may include violations of the [BAT grant guidelines.]

We know that this is inconvenient and we’re sorry about that but we’d rather play it safe than sorry when it comes to protecting your account and Brave Rewards.

If you think you know what might be going on, the fastest way to clear this up is to get in touch with us at []where a real human will read and reply to your message.

I am told that there was unusual activity in the account, but apart from logging into my account and tracking the balance change, I did not take any action. This means that if you just log into your account several times a month, then they will be blocked for this.

Perhaps some donations to my Twitter account seemed unusual to them, but as a content creator and owner of the creator’s account, I can’t track these actions in any way, I can’t even see when and how many donations there were, there is only the total amount. And if this really happens, then block controversial donations, why does the content creator suffer?

By writing an explanatory letter to the specified address, an automatically generated response was received, which does not explain the essence of what is happening and in which it is indicated that in any case they will not disclose the reason for what happened.

After reading the forum threads, there was an opinion that I would not receive an answer, the support service would not answer.

I leave this message for information to the rest. At any time, the account can be blocked without any reason on your part and you will lose all funds.

If I am wrong, then tell me why my account was blocked. And how to return access to it and BAT stored there.

How long ago did you contact the suspensions address? Sometimes it takes several months for a review to take place.

It happened this week.
For several months - I have already seen similar answers on similar topics, and after them there was absolutely no information.
A few months means that no one will deal with your question, no need to say that there are few people, there are many questions, a few months is absolutely not an acceptable period for a support service.

There are VERY few Brave staff and THOUSANDS of users requesting help (plus hundreds more just complaining and whining, taking up valuable staff time), so please be patient. The Brave Rewards program (including Creator rewards) is NOT the main purpose of the Brave browser, so dedicating a lot of staff to Brave Rewards is not feasible. The staff focus their efforts on finding and fixing errors in the program that cause the issues, which takes time. Fixing individual accounts is not their focus.

and this is very strange - on the site, the reward function is separately highlighted, which is directly related to the work of the browser and now you write that this function does not really matter

Brave is, first and foremost, a browser that protects users’ privacy. The first priority of the devs is to maintain and improve the browser. The Brave Rewards program is just a nice-to-have extra, so any glitches with the Brave Rewards program are dealt with when they have time, as it should be.

unfortunately, everything that you wrote here absolutely does not solve the problem
from the outside, you can draw an analogy - we created a car and started selling it, it has an engine, if it breaks down, we can’t help you, wait a few months when some of the employees may be free, all our people are busy selling cars

The one thing you are forgetting is that most of the devs and support staff are volunteers. They are not being paid to do what they do.

do you provide access to personal data, wallets and transactions to people with whom you have no obligations?

I’m not sure what you’re intending to say. I have not provided any personal information to Brave.

Brave Creator Requires Verification
Uphold, which in its own way, after connecting between them, transfers data or access or information, also when checking the account, the person who checks it gets access to the account that contains the BAT?


You’ve authorized Uphold to transfer your personal data and are allowing Brave Rewards to access the following information.


  • View all your Uphold Money Cards and their associated information.
  • Update existing Money Card names and create new Uphold Money Cards.


  • View all transactions.


  • View all the information associated to your Uphold wallet.

in any case, I am grateful for your attention and an attempt to clarify at least something

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It does sound to me as though you have a legitimate complaint about your suspension, and I hope you get a resolution quickly.

@astapbander please DM me the email linked to your account. Thanks.