Account reported I can't connect to uphold 3 months

Hello brave community

I have a problem with the rewards on one of my devices and no problem on the others.
I explain you, recently I have a new laptop so I synchronized it with my other devices, sync code, wallet ect…

Since January I do not receive the rewards on this PC in question but on the others without any problem as well as on my phone, I was able to connect to uphold to transfer my BAT funds with my other devices but still not with this laptop.

Of course, I have searched the internet, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the application, I have also tried to connect several times to uphold but it is not possible, brave warned me that I was “flagged” and that I had to wait for the flag to go up, except that it has been about 3 months…

Do you have a solution or just wait?

Thanks in advance

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