Brave Reward not sending to my uphold account

Previous month I connected my uphold account with my and my family member’s brave browser so that I can redeem their BAT in same account for withdrawal as they are not very good with this. So, I connected my 1 device, and 2 of my family member’s device with my uphold account for the transfer of funds and disconnect my uphold wallet as soon as BAT got transferred to my uphold account. So, now today I am trying again to withdraw funds by connecting their android device with 30+ BAT to my uphold account again it is connecting but not sending funds to my uphold account. How can I fix this? Is it due to that payouts are still generating and I should for a day or so? Or is it because I have connected more than 4 devices with 1 uphold account? but how does that affect anything because I disconnected them afterward.

Android version 10.
Brave Version 1.11.105, Chromium 84.0.4147.105

Hi @anmols344 - message me on Friday if you haven’t received. Payouts are still processing.

@steeven my problem is not receiving BAT payout from you guys. But my problem is that the payout which I got today is not going to uphold as I stated in my thread due to previously being connected to 3 browsers. Should I wait for the same by Friday?

@steeven I’ve replied to your dm please check

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