Account flagged, no payments and can't connect to Uphold now

Briefly describe your issue:
Still no rewards since June, Ticket 214813 raised and received auto reply “After careful consideration, we have determined that your Rewards profiles will remain flagged at this time. Your account will be automatically re-evaluated next month.”

I have not received a reply to the email I sent asking for more information on what I had done and have not been “automatically re-evaluated next month” afaik.

I have opened a new support ticket 225329 because I am now unable to access Uphold through Brave.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using? (Menu --> About Brave)
Windows 10 Brave v1.58.135**
Who is your verified custodian? (Uphold/Gemini/bitFlyer)
Are you in a supported region? (see here for list of supported regions)

@Rancid Of course no payments, because you’re flagged. They told you that your profiles will remain flagged, which means you won’t earn BAT and won’t receive payments.

Of course not. Policy from banks, Brave, crypto exchanges, etc is that they won’t tell you how they “caught you” doing wrong. They just tell you that you’re suspended and that’s the end of it.

It’s done by the system on the back end. You don’t get any notification necessarily.

In which way? When you’re flagged, you can no longer connect Rewards to Uphold. Flagged = Suspended.

You should still be able to go to Uphold and login to your account,. you just can’t connect Rewards to it.

Why are you answering me in such a judgmental manner? I joined the community to seek help for what is an automated process that has flagged my account in error.

You have deliberately twisted what I posted to make out I have been “caught” doing something wrong and have no understanding of how this system is supposed to work.

Your premise that it is somehow acceptable to withhold my earnings, coincidentally as soon as I connect to Uphold, with no explanation? I’m not sure what legal system allows earnings to be withheld from workers without explanation month after month, but that is irrelevant here anyway.

I have used Brave as my main browser for research while completing a Classics degree and a Masters, happily receiving the ads that earn the company it’s revenue and earn me BATs at the same time.

As I have said to Brave support each time; nothing has changed in the way I use Brave other than connecting to a verified Uphold account in June and receiving backdated BAT earnings in my Uphold account.

Below I have pasted the only activity on my Uphold account, ever.

Jun 30, 2023

Received BAT

from Brave Software International

9.75 BAT

£ 1.54

Received BAT

from Brave Software International

7.75 BAT

£ 1.23

I am not surprised that the system flagged my account due to the initial payment being split into two separate payments on the same date upon connecting to Uphold.

I want to hear from a human being from Brave that will at least listen to me and investigate further rather than rely on a system that may have an inadvertent glitch that has made me a digital pariah because the same system paid me twice on the same day.

If I have been flagged for another reason I cannot explain then I have to accept that but I am not happy to rely on a system that does as you say above.

Why are you reading it that way? Tone is what you put to it in writing. I didn’t sit there in any “judgmental” way. I affirmed that you wouldn’t get paid when you’re flagged, which you said you were. Then said Brave’s policy is not to tell people how they got caught or what they did wrong.

That’s what they did. You submitted a ticket and a human told you that you’re going to remain flagged. They did say it will automatically be reviewed again, but they didn’t promise you to let you know the results.

Well apologies for reading too much into the oversimplified answers you gave me that basically just told me there was nothing I could do about it.

I have not received a reply from a human being, my reply has never been answered by Brave support and you said “Of course not.” as if I was being unreasonable.

Are you honestly telling me that I cannot ever contact a real person at Brave and expect no answer?

I’m telling you that a human did respond. The response that you got that said your profiles will remain flagged at this time was done by a human. It was either someone from Support or from antifraud.

I said “of course not” because everything was clearly defined. If I said, “I am no longer employed by them” and then said “I’m not receiving anymore paychecks,” wouldn’t you say that seems to be common sense and was clearly defined? If I’m not employed, I’m not going to get paid.

In yours, you shared that the account was flagged (suspended). This means you can’t earn BAT and won’t receive payments. And when you attempt to connect to Uphold, it tells you that your account is flagged. So it’s trying to tell you that you can’t connect while flagged.

I just was setting aside emotions and was saying it seemed clear. Your account was flagged, therefore you can’t connect to Uphold nor receive payments. That’s kind of the definition of purpose of being flagged.

That said, I did ask for additional clarity on your claim of I am now unable to access Uphold through Brave. to make sure I wasn’t just being dismissive. Was it that you couldn’t log in to your account or was it that you couldn’t connect Rewards? Two different meanings, so I phrased it the way I did to ask which you meant.

And back to this, that’s indeed what I’m saying. They suspend/flag accounts for activity that appears as if a person is violating Terms of Service. If BAT was earned through fraud or abuse, then it wasn’t properly earned and they have no obligation to pay.

Am I specifically saying you did? Nope. All I’m saying is that from what you have shared, someone from Brave did respond to you to say they were leaving your account suspended. In other words, they didn’t see enough information to believe it was in error. But they did say it would be looked again automatically. Basically saying someone else would take a look and if they believed something was missed, they might reinstate your account.

Whether they looked into it as they said they would is a conversation in itself. The only thing I pointed out is that they didn’t promise to send you an update based on that evaluation. So it’s just pointing out facts and paying attention to how things are phrased.

I also know you have opened a new ticket and you’re hoping for more information. Most likely one of three things are going to happen (listing worst to best outcomes):

  1. They’ll ignore it because it’s been answered before

  2. They respond to let you know that your accounts/profiles won’t be reinstated

  3. A second or third glimpse will occur and they may decide to reinstate your account. (if this happens, it doesn’t mean you didn’t do anything wrong. Just that they are giving another chance. That can be a different discussion/argument for another time)

Since I don’t work for Brave, I can’t look into it myself or I’d try to get you a more direct answer. But you’ll likely hear back one of those three when they get to your ticket.

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That is fine if they will take a look eventually, thanks.

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