Flagged for what?

I have been using Brave and slowly collecting BAT for about a year or so. I recently set up a Gemini account specifically for integration with Brave which is in addition to already having coinbase, nicehash, cash app, as well as my actual bitcoin wallet. Now I go to verify Brave so I can move my BAT and I get “Error: Brave Rewards profile is flagged” which leaves me locked out of actually accessing my BAT. Is there really no further action I can take to correct this error? Is there a request I can put in for a manual review? I have used Brave in a completely normal manner. I can think of no reason from my end why the account would be flagged. Please help if possible.

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Update: I used the support ticket contact provided by @Saoiray and they were able to clear up the issue and it took a few days. Thank you, and good luck to anyone else having this issue.

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