Accidentally pressed close all tabs rather than new private tab on mobile browser

I accidentally deleted all of my tabs and there wasnt a prompt to undo it. Is there any way i can get them back? I had 100+ tabs from over the last year and dont think id remember them all looking through my history. I know on desktop theres something where you can reopen all closed tabs if a lot were closed at once and was hoping there might be someway to do that?

Unfortunately no, there’s no wya to do this. Note that you definitely should have seen a prompt to undo closing those tabs, as shown here:

Thats what i thought but i was hoping id just missed something, but yeah thats why i was confused because no undo button showed up like it has before when ive closed out of tabs individually, so id think especially if closing all tabs there would be one. Well i guess im just stuck with not having those tabs then which really sucks, thanks tho

I just double checked and I am seeing the prompt to Undo the closing of tabs, but I let our Android team know about this just in case there is anything else to discover issue-wise here. I do apologize for the inconvenience.

No worries, i do usually see the undo button when closing tabs, but unfortunately for whatever reason, this time it didnt show or i somehow clicked off of it without even seeing it, would definitely suggest implementing a restore all tabs button as well outside of the undo button since the close all tabs is fairly close to the open new tabs and i find that the desktop browser having it is helpful with that function

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agree, prompt shows up for a short time, in history there is no closed tabs page, separate button would be perfect or at least message box “are you sure?”

If you close all your tabs by mistake, or if you close one tab by mistake, go to History > Recently Closed and you can reopen.

I hope this helps.
But ensure that you did not activate the option to delete History upon closing the browser.

Note: I just overlooked that you mentioned the mobile version.
It is not very different. Go to History and you can reopen the latest pages.

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