Is there Close all tabs feature available?

While working I used to open multiple tabs, when I want to close all tabs in a single Go i’m not able do that, and it’s very annoying to close all tabs by single tap again & again…:disappointed_relieved:
If close all tab features is already there, then please tell me!

Why not just close the window and open a new window?

Hi @Himgoo,
What device are you using?
What version of Brave are you on?

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Can you please try long-pressing on a tab and/or long-pressing on the Open new tab button (the +) and tell me if you see the option offered?

You’re using a tablet it seems – on my end for my Android phone I see this option if I open up tab view, then tap More options:

So it’s likely that the option is there but hiding behind some menu.

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Ok I understood, I use Tablet, I think this feature may not available in tablets browser, like showing in image three dots bottom right hand corner not come in table but work in mobiles phones.
Thanks for Help!

Did you try long-pressing on the + button?

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it showed UP, by long pressing tab cross icon.
Again Thanks!

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