Old android exit closed all tabs and cleared everything. newer android does not

it has android 13 i suspect. but how do i close all the tabs etc by hitting exit.
there is no close all tabs option.
thanks fellow sufferers
brave 1.60.118 chromium 119.0.6045.163
android 13 build/TP1A.220624.014

c’mon guys- somebody must know!

Sure there is. Try holding down the button you use to swap tabs.

Like where is it?
and where is the way of exiting and closing all tabs?

You don’t know how you’ve been changing between tabs? Did you press and hold down on it? I know someone with Android before confirmed with me it works the same way on Android as it does on iPhone. I don’t currently have an Android to test.

So when I press and hold down on the tab part, it pops up a menu…

i guess android tablets are different.
and with later software, even different from my old one!

@Anonb sorry not able to be more direct on help and I’m not even 100% sure if it’s there. But you should see the square button like I mentioned, which is how you are switching between tabs. Not sure if yours is on top or bottom, all depends on your setup. Usually you just tap once to open the toggle to switch between tabs. But if you hold down on it instead of just tapping, then a menu usually arises.

In any case, my last Android was a Samsung Galaxy S9 which is a bit outdated now and I don’t even know where I stashed it last, so can’t even test. I’ll tag @Mattches on this to see if he can confirm whether this also exists on Android. If not, if there’s a different way to access the setting or if it’s just something needed to be implemented.

thanks for your help

Can you share what your layout looks like on your tablet?

On Samsung Galaxy S20, Android version 13. tap the tabs button (little square with number in it for all open tabs) if you dont see it try scrolling go top of current tab.
Once you see all the open tabs press the three horizontal dots (menu) and you should have the option to close all tabs.

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