Can't Restore Closed Group Tabs (Android 11)

Description of the issue:
With the group tab options, I’ve been grouping tabs from certain websites into groups while different websites have their own group or a stand alone tab for one webpage. However when I accidentally closed a group that has a lot of tabs that has not been opened recently, I cannot restore the tabs. The recent tabs only list some webpages but not the ones that I accidentally closed. The popup that shows Undo closed tab only shows up when I close a tab but does not show up when I close a group.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open multiple tabs of different webpages under one group, preferably 10 or more tabs.
  2. Open a few single tabs out of that group in (1).
  3. Restart the phone.
  4. Open Brave browser.
  5. Do not open the tabs in the group.
  6. Close the group.

Expected result:

  1. There is no Undo popup.
  2. Under Recent Tabs, the webpages of the tabs under the group aren’t there.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
v1.40.113 (latest version at this date)

Mobile Device details
Oppo A93 Android 11

Additional Information:
While I understand I can restore them by going through my history, these steps aren’t able to replicate the monstrosity that is my Full History. I don’t stream videos or watch videos but I read a lot of articles everyday. The amount of pages to scroll in my History are too much.

I’m looking for ways to restore my group tab. I have no access to a PC or laptop. The only other topic I found here was closed without a reply months ago. Please help, thank you.

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