Ability to use different Brave colors for separate profiles broken in latest release

Description of the issue:
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Create two browser profiles and open a window for each
  2. set one to use dark colors
  3. set the other to use light colors

Expected result:
Windows for each respective profile should respect the Brave colors setting. This was always the case previously but broke after the last update.
Brave Version( check About Brave):
Additional Information:
Setting separate Brave colors for different profiles is a tremendously useful way to provide a quick visual cue as to which profile the window is using.

Not “broken”, but the behavior is changed.

Updated theme selection to be per install instead of per profile. (#5373) see Release Channel 1.4.95

I see. I would not have identified that issue by the description because in the Brave world, what’s being referred to is actually named “Brave colors” and “Themes” are something else.
Being in software development myself, I understand the intent of the change, but removing a functionality because it doesn’t always work 100% the way desired is not fixing it. There was a work around the way things were, if you didn’t like the way it worked when setting two different color modes, you could simply not use two different color modes. The net effect is the same as the “behavior change” implemented, except it would have required zero development resources to implement. Now the decision is forced on the user and the issue hasn’t actually been fixed. Resources have been wasted on a worse result.


+1, I relied on this to know when I’m on my home profile or work profile. Now that’s gone and since I’m using “where I left off” I can’t use the New Tab image as differentiator either.


We’ll just need to use custom Themes now. Still works the same way as native colors did before.

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