Ability to Search Across Tabs (Like "Quick Tabs" Extension for Google Chrome)

The “Quick Tabs” extension for Google Chrome has become quite useful to me. Right now it’s the only thing I miss about Chrome, Brave is so much faster I’m 100% sold. Here is a screenshot:

Text from the screenshot:

You press Command-E to open this little window up, it displays all tabs across all instances of the browser, not just the tabs in the current window. You can start typing and it will filter all open tabs, then you can just hit return to open the tab. It’s crazy efficient and once you have a bunch of windows open with a bunch of tabs each this thing can really be helpful sometimes.

Is there a way I could get some pointers on what areas of the project to look at if I wanted to explore adding this to the open source project?

Would propose to add floating search bar like in Vivaldi - https://vivaldi.com/blog/quick-commands-guide/ - pressing F2 allows to search from opened and also closed tabs. Very comfortable and main reason why I still need to use Vivaldi because I have many tabs opened.