Brave is great.. it could be better

I’d exclusively use brave browser if it had these two things:

A way to search open tabs (like samsung browser has). I’ve always got LOTS of tabs open… and not having a way to search for a tab that might already exist just massively compounds that lots of tabs thing.

Another thing that would be nice in addition to that, is being able to view all open tabs in a list (also like samsung browser).

@xXxDSMer Do you want this in Android? On windows, you can press Ctrl + Shift + A to see the list of tabs open and to search through them as well.


Not just that, but in Windows, but at the top of the screen, next to the minimize, maximize, and close buttons, there’s a little chevron or carrot pointing down. If you click it, it pulls up all of your tabs and you can search your tabs.

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I concur! Let’s use that vertical space by adding a Master Tab on the left which displays a vertical list of all tabs showing at least 64 characters (able to be set by the user) of each tab.