Quick Commands (like Vivaldi)

For this feature I’m going to talk for a second about another browser to state my case. The one feature in the Vivaldi browser that I think is incredibly powerful and useful, is the Quick Command feature (https://vivaldi.com/blog/quick-commands-guide/). With a keyboard shortcut (Command + E) you have access to the most useful commands (Bookmarks, Tabs, Closed Tabs, History, etc) in a small compact window which hovers in the centre of the browser window. Kind of like Spotlight/LaunchBar/Alfred for your browser.

This allows me to quickly get to places quickly. For example I generally have a slew of tabs open, so I can jump between tabs quickly by using the Quick Command keyboard shortcut and then start typing the name of the site.

I would be ecstatic if a similar feature could be added to Brave.