ADD FEATURE: search ALL open Tabs in android brave Browser

I am an VERY organized highly intelligent deeply analytical individual .

With an genius IQ , I am CONSTANTLY feeding my head/brain information 24 x 7 x 365 .

Nevertheless , I ALWAYS and CONSTANTLY have HUNDREDS of open Tabs while utilizing android brave Browser .

I find myself MANY TIMES re-visiting an topic which I KNOW I have open active Tabs on but I don’t know where in all those hundreds of open Tabs an specific Tab/topic is .

I CANNOT , by far , be the only one this is happening to.

Apparently , Vivaldi has had this SEARCH ALL OPEN TABS feature for a long time now .

I think it is well past time android brave Browser institute this SEARCH ALL OPEN TABS feature in its already excellent android brave Browser .

This SEARCH ALL OPEN TABS really should be a base and basic feature in all Browsers , especially an Browser as sophisticated as android brave Browser .

I respectfully request the feature SEARCH ALL OPEN TABS be developed and incorporated in android brave Browser .

Thanks for your time , help , patience , understanding , work , and thanks for brave .

Working on it now Thanks for the information