Ability to open links with Brave's Tor Window

As we all know Tor is a great service in order to keep your privacy secure and could help us in this suggestion, With that being said I believe this could help us in alot of cases so that if we managed to click on an IP logging link with the other person on the other side looking to get your IP and try to paranoid you that they have it it would show the results tor gives them.

Sorry if there’s another Topic related to this, Someone at brave support said I’m able to do this to show what us users like.

Hi @CJStyles, Welcome to Community!
You should already be able to open links in a Tor window:

Or are you referring to something else?

Hey Aaron, While you’re correct I’m talking about opening links in apps like Discord
If we set Brave as a Default Browser and have a setting to open links (that you click in apps) it should open in a Tor Window. Thank you for welcoming me here!

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ah, I see! That would be a cool feature.