A website opens everytime I launch Brave

Two days ago, I visited https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere/set-https-default-your-browser. Now everytime, I open Brave, this link automatically opens in a new tab after a few seconds.

I uninstalled Brave and the nightly build from Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs. I reinstalled Brave hoping that I will get a clean build. But it installed back to the same state along with the bookmarks and my gmail account logged in already.

Is this normal/expected behaviour?

It sounds like you installed an extension to go with Brave. You may not have done this intentionally as it may be part of malware. I would go into your settings within Brave and check extensions and see if there is anything there that you did not install yourself or that might be related. I would also suggest that you try running something like MalwareBytes to see if you have anything on your computer.

Also you may need to check to see what you have your homepage set for. As that likely is what was changed when the extension/malware got on your device.

Uninstalling won’t remove your settings (typically) thus when you reinstall you’re back to where you were.

httpseverywhere may have some “show news” option which always loads the page on you. I haven’t used it in a while since it’s depreciated. It -was- a must have once upon a time but now the features are built into the browser.

Best thing is check your extensions and if httpseverywhere is indeed installed just go through the options and look for “show updates” or “show news” yada yada. It’s a legit extension so nothing to worry about on face value (other than it being annoying). However you never know if maybe you went to a forged site and installed some knock off jank. :wink:

Now if the extension isn’t installed…well that raises an eyebrow and you might wanna backtrack to revisit that forged website thingy I mentioned. :wink:

Thanks. HTTPS extension was corrupted for some reason. I removed the extension and this fixed it.

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