[EFF.org] Auto new tab...Why?

I first noticed this issue approximately April/May 2022.

Whenever I open Brave on Windows, the browser automatically opens a new tab at EFF.org with instructions to enable https on all sites.

A) How do I disable this annoyance?
B) Was there some recent development in https architecture/GovReg I need to proactively monitor/manage?
C) Did I noob/fatfinger something?

Supplemental data:
-----new tab hyperlink:

I have the same issue. This corralates with an issue a while ago. I saw this post would be locked in ten days, so I guess I could chip in and extend the duration of the issue. I’m hoping there is a fix, other than re-installing the browser with the bookmarks and the settings.
Thank you very much daeon for opening an issue. Thanks in advance for any contributors of the issue.

I think both of you have ‘Https everywhere’ extension installed. Check your extensions.

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Looks like that was the issue, I disabled it and the eff.org popup hasn’t reoccurred. Much thanks!

Thanks Mario, looks like the solution is to disable the extension “https everywhere.”

Also, FYI you shouldn’t be losing any functionality by disabling that extension in Brave.

“Whenever possible using the HTTPS Everywhere list, Brave automatically upgrades to HTTPS for secure, encrypted communications when an ordinary browser would use an insecure connection.”

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