Help - new brave version does not have autostart incognito

hi, sorry but the latest version of brave I just downloaded and installed (win10) (today), seems to have a lot less privacy features. what happened? I cannot start in incognito mode automatically, not can I setup the browser to auto clean history etc.

was this intentional??? it reduces the use for a private browser extremely :frowning:

Thanks for your help


Hi @qssasamt,
Thanks for reaching out.

Brave is in the migration process to the new architecture. And this is still in the works, that’s why some features (from prev. Brave (muon)) is missing.

Answered on your other thread.

cc @Mattches for info about this.

We have open issues for this functionality:

thanks so much! for tor i have my own router, what I am really looking for is an amnesiac browser that never stores, or at least deletes (upon exit / start) my browsing history, and use an incognito mode by default (like on my iOS devices), although it need not be tor.

firefox can auto clear browsing data upon exit. this is why I only used firefox for about a decade.

turns out, brave is a lot better, so I’ve been running it for a couple of months. But the new releases don’t seem to have this auto-clear and auto-incognito feature. I tested windows version and there was no solution to my problem.

on my mac, I still have version 0.25.2 - and I guess I won’t upgrade.

I can live without the auto-incognito, but no without auto-clear. that seems like the absolute most important point of the browser.

will there be some kind of announcement if the auto-clear feature would be back? I unfortunately cannot imagine to update brave until then, and I would have loved to try out the betas.