Give it back! PLEEEEEEASE!

**Give me back the old design! For the love of the MOTHER give it back! The whole reason I got on Brave was to AVOID Chrome, Google, and Win10! I’m on Win7 and Now I’m seriously contemplating uninstalling Brave. I’ve been on it for YEARS and have never been as disappointed in this browser as I currently am. I DO NOT WANT an “APP”. I want a browser with consideration! Not trying to be the next Win10! **


Kindly see my reply here:

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that Brave (including the old one) was always based on Chromium; it just had a custom front-end. This custom front-end caused a lot of compatibility headaches and is considerably slower and more resource intensive than the native Chromium front-end the new Brave uses. You can read about our decision to switch front-ends here:

**I’d rather have slow and comfortable than the new crap. Why can’t people leave things alone when they’re wonderful the way they are??? Give it back! >.< Or at LEAST give the user an OPTION of which one they want to install! **

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I’m with the other users who miss the original design. I’m sorry, I’m not sure who is measuring browser speeds, but while its true Chromium-based browsers can load a part of a page faster, the entire page doesn’t always load faster than Firefox or even Safari on the Mac. So, while you are trying to speed up Brave, you are making the interface for customizing it harder to use. I’m mean really, Chrome’s menus and preferences setting were set up by geeks for geeks, and by people who have absolutely no traditional design or user interface training.

You could make Brave unique amongst Chromium-based browsers by adding MPEG-DASH and HLS native support in the desktop version of the browser, as Google has been dragging its feet on this. All other browsers support these video streaming formats.

Until Brave becomes unique again, I’m back to Firefox. Thanks for the short-lived ride on a promising browser.


We have a totally redesigned preferences/settings pages coming. @Mattches may be able to share a screenshot with you.

This article will help you find your Muon executable file on your machine (yes. It’s still there and so is your data). You can also download it any time from our GitHub page.

I’ll link to a response I made to this same type of post earlier today, but the main take away from it is:

:point_up: It’s not just speed and amenities that differ between old and new builds. It’s a security issue. Brave Muon right now is a few (at least, iirc) chromium updates behind. What this means is that the underlying framework of the browser is out of date and may not contain important security updates for vulnerabilities that have been found.

You may rather have all the features and tools ready and complete up front in lieu of speed and extensions, but would you rather have them instead of protection while browsing?

If a few “missing” features (missing in quotes because they’re being implemented, theyre just not there yet) and a new UI are worth sacrificing your security for - by all means go for it. But when it comes to the security of our entire user-base it’s not a risk we (or anyone) are willing to take.
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**That’s great, but not all geeks agree with this style of stupid. I’m a geek that was trained by 50 other geeks not in a classroom plus a degree and I hate it just as much if not more than other users that hate it do! **

**That’s just it- usually when you upgrade ANYTHING the first thing that gets sacrificed is the actual security, and it turns out you’re safer on the older platform version. **

**So that argument kinda doesn’t apply, if you look at the usual standard for every platform on the planet. Naturally the last thing I wanna see is an article on the front **

page of ANY paper shouting "Brave Browser got an update and now everyone is panicking because they had a security hack which jacked all of your valuable information.

Sleep sweet with that notion in your head." And it’s happened to me more than once so naturally I’m REALLY leery of ANY upgrade on that front. And yeah, the info I had stored

should have migrated over to this new update. Hey guess what? It was lost in the upgrade and I don’t trust other browsers to hold anything I want to save. So I gotta start from

scratch like I just installed it. Again. On top of that nothing works like it used to. I can’t set the tab webpage anymore, can’t mute a tab without jumping through a hellfire menu, and

after a week of this it’s frustrating as all Hell. (I apologize to the extent of I realize this sounds like I’m just crying and whining, but it’s more frustration and annoyance from someone

**who doesn’t like change and is too used to people shaking up the fur bag when the way it was before was perfect for me.) **

Not sure what this has to do with anything.

:point_up: This is the exact opposite of what I (we) have been saying. The old version of Brave (called Brave Muon) and is no longer receiving vital chromium updates. Since you have a degree and were taught by 50 other geeks, you should understand why it was necessary to find a solution to this - which we did. We found a way to keep up with security updates and maintain the core goals of the browser. The new Brave build that you detest so much is completely secure and up to date.

One more time, your data is not lost.
If you read the article that I linked to above, you should be able to find and restore your old Brave information. It covers a variety of scenarios that may have occurred. Please do not claim that your data was erased or lost if you haven’t read the article and attempted the solutions and workarounds mentioned there. If you need help understanding the article and/or are still having issues recovering your data, then you’re more than welcome to ask for it. Here’s a link to the article, again:

I understand that you don’t like change - and you don’t have to. Nobody is forcing you. What we are doing is attempting to assure you that this change was made for a good reason and that we’re still in the process of transitioning. Many of the features you feel are missing are being worked on/will be reimplemented in the new build. We appreciate your patience.