UnFeature request: no round corners, PLEASE!

Hello. I’ve just migrated to Brave from Opera, and one of VERY important reasons was that they visually crippled their used-to-be-greatest browser, adding terrible round corners and unnecessary borders, which look horrible and only eat up space. When I moved to Brave, I was so glad - a normal looking AND functional browser! And voilà, a couple of versions later - same cancer symptoms here! So far only in tabs.
I don’t understand the reasons behind that, perhaps some weird hidden (-evil world government order-) design trend, but - please, I’m begging you, stop it before it’s too late! Or at least make it opional!

No problem nikudza. Enter this in a new tab: brave://flags/#brave-horizontal-tabs-update
Disable: Updated horizontal tabs design
And you wil have a normal looking and functional browser.

  1. Wow, ok, you saved me - for now! - thanks!
  2. But, in fact, the problem isn’t gone: brave://flags is an experimental field, everything can be taken away at any moment. I mean, this “feature” is already the default, and there’s no obvious and straight way to change/switch it off, and no guarantee it will be possible at all. Even the very formulating - “updated horizontal tabs design” - is suggesting that the old one is “outdated” and may disappear at any moment. And the worst: today it’s tabs, tomorrow - well, look at the Opera! and look at the Opera before 100-th version.
    That is precisely what my request is about - please, don’t make it permanent, at least leave the option to keep the old minimalistic and strict design. These “new features” are (subjectively) of questionable taste, but unquestionably distracting.
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