8-1/2 x 14" AAAHHHHH!

Hi All,

Fedora 30

How do I get this thing to stop selecting 8-1/2 by 14" paper whenever I go to print? This is the only program I run with this issue. The rest let me select my paper size if I wish and pick up the 8-1/2 by 11" default from CUPS.

You should be able to choise the printing source just like any other application that prints. I notice that you’re running an out dated version – just to be sure, can you please update and see if this helps the issue at all?

$ rpm -qa brave-browser

No symptom change.

I can choose the printer, just not the paper size. And
it may just be in an unusual location that I can’t find,
otherwise it is a “Feature”, perhaps a “Bug”

Can you share a screenshot of what’s displayed on your end?



And with the sysem dialog (note that it says “Letter”):

I don’t see any reason why Brave specifically would be dictating what settings you can or cannot choose with respect to your printer (or other external devices). Its one thing for the in-browser Print dialog to act wonky sometimes, but if you Systems print dialog also won’t allow you to change the settings I feel as though it may be some other shenanigans going on.

Can you try changing the printer to “Print to PDF” or some other source and see if this allows you to change the options? Also, are you able to use any other web browser and print from it as expected?

Okay, now we are making some progress. It do believe this is a bug, not a feature. I will wait for your evaluation before posting it.

The issue is that Brave is printing in 11.01 by 8.50 inches. My B4350 printer interprets that as 8.5 x 14". And the dimensions are reversed. It should be 8.5 x 11, not the other way around.


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