Can't print my 3x5 cards anymore



I use Brave for an online database system. I have to print 3x5 cards to label all the units. In the old Brave, I just used a print profile (3x5 size, manual feed, landscape) I had set up with the printer and it worked great. Now it prints the content as if it were a standard letter paper size, even if I tell it it’s a 3x5 card. The content is all scrunched up tiny in the upper left corner. Doesn’t matter if I use the Brave print control or my printer control with my saved profile - the result is the same.
Had to go to Firefox and they print the cards correctly, but I get one printed card and one blank card for every one. Major pain in the posterior.

Thank you.


Sorry for your bad experience with Brave.

Would it be possible to give us a but more info?
Brave version and OS.

Also could you attach a screen shot of your printing settings?
Similar to this:


Version 0.58.21 Chromium: 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit)

First image is the settings.
Second image shows the print preview. That’s pretty much what the 3x5 card looks like. All the type is scrunched up in the upper left.



Could you click More settings...


There are some options that you could change like Paper size


I did that. Click on the image and you’ll see. It’s cut off by the second image I guess.



There are two solutions to this issue.

  1. Use Scale to fit the content better.

  2. Use system printing by clicking Use system printing dialog (you can also use shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+P), which usually has the ability to fit the content to the page.

Hope that helps


Sorry, I don’t need to do this everyday, so this is the first time I am working on it since your last reply.

So, I tried all that you said. I checked 3x5 and printed at 100%, 150% and 200%. Here are the settings. The only thing that varied was the scale.

At 100% I get a blank card - nothing printed.

At 150% and 200%, I get the two images attached.

Using the system dialog is somewhat better, but I can’t get the size I want on the card because the margins increase with the scale changes.

This used to work perfectly before the last update.

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I have the same general issue…not with 3x5 cards, but with printing something in landscape.

I had already worked through all of the trouble shooting suggestions before noticing this thread. As with OP, this is straightforward/works-as-you-would-expect-it -too in Firefox, but doesn’t seem to be able to be done at all in Brave.

If it helps/matters:



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