I'm unable to print in landscape or "fit to page" the options are missing

I am attempting to print some documents. They do not fit to page. I do not have an option to print in Landscape or “fit to page” to make these documents fit on one page. I am having the same issue in chrome as well

Version 1.50.114 chromium 112.0.5615.49 (64bit)

Thank you for reaching out to us.
It’s likely that this is an upstream (chromium) issue that we’ll have to wait on a fix for. That being said, it may be the case that the issue is already fixed in more recent Chromium releases that simply haven’t made it to the production builds yet. For example, in Dev and Nightly builds of Brave, I do see these options:

Alright. It worked last time I tried it (weeks ago?) how do I revert back to previous versions to get what I need printed? I have an important interview tomorrow and need these items printed

Instead of reverting back, if it’s indeed in Nightly or Beta, you could just install those versions as well. You can download Nightly at https://brave.com/download-nightly/

I checked it out. I wouldn’t know how to install other versions on it. I don’t have time to work on it. I have to board a plane in a few hours. The current version on it does the same thing. When I press “print” All of the good printing options flash on the screen, but then it just goes back to a minimum amount of settings.
No idea why it’s doing this.

Very strange issue — may be an extension you have installed that is causing this. You can download the Beta build (which should have the options you’re looking for) by simply going to brave.com/download-beta and installing the browser. Note that it will run as a separate browser and not overwrite or interact with your current installation.

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