Printing from brave chops off the right side

I am unable to print from Brave on certain sites. When It goes to the print screen the right hand side is cut off by about an inch or more. So far It’s doing it from 2 sites. One I need to be able to print from . What’s odd is that they will print from Safari which usually has the problem. Any ideas?

Hello @Mimi77, thank you for reaching us out. If you press crtl + shift +p Will show you the print options and it allows you to select the page range (width/height). Besides it should display a preview how will be the outcome before printing. Hope it helps. Regards.

H, sorry just saw this. I’m not getting alerts. Il’l give that a try. How do I know what margins? Just play around? Thanks

I am getting no window when I press ctrl shift P. I’m in the brave window but nothing is coming up. Can you dumb it down for me? Or help? I need to be able to print.

thanks for replying the Crtl + Shift + P Is the shortcut that allows you to open the print window, If pressing these combinations of keys does not come up for you, please try by deleting your cookies and cache? or disabling extensions in case you use them.

Let us know if that resolves the issue. Regards.

Did not work. I removed extensions and cleared everything. I went to print the page and the print menu came up. Ctrl shift P did nothing. Do I have to be in a certain place to open the print. menu? Thanks