Microprint too small to read

Windows 7

A customer of mine cussed me out for putting her on Brave Browser. When she pries to print her spreadsheet from her banking site, the cell borders comes out okay, but the data inside is printed in 4 pitch, which she can not read. The microprint does show on the print preview. I had to put her back on Firefox, which has issues of its own. Fortunately she has not discovered them yet. Since her banking web site is private data, I can’t give you an example either.

On my version:
Fedora 34

I have to do a screen shot of my Amazon printable invoices and print them from EOG (Eye of GNOME). And since that is private data, I can’t give you an example either.

You guys going to do a print clean up anytime soon?


So I regularly print from the browser on my Windows and macOS systems and data always comes out printed as intended. It may have something to do with the specific sites/data you (and/or your client) are trying to print from.

Since we can’t get your client information directly, can you tell me what print settings you use when you observe the issue?

Responding with Thunderbird’s “Reply” gives:

Subject: [Brave Community] Email issue – Unknown To: Address

We’re sorry, but your email message to [“brave@discoursemail.com”] (titled Re: [Brave Community] [Browser Support/Desktop Support] Microprint too small to read) didn’t work.[Brave Community] Email issue – Unknown To: Address

There was nothing out of the ordinary. The settings were identical to Firefox: portrait, scale to fit. Brave’s preview showed the print a microscopic.

Give me a few days to fire up Blue Fish and SeaMonkey Composer to see if I can duplicate some non-private examples. If I can duplicate, I will post both the HTML and CUPS-PDF renderings.

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I can not reproduce with my own coding or other charts on the Internet. I asked the customer for the address of the banking page in question. Maybe I can get their tech support to make up a fake page for me

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