Printing directly from brave to Epson XP-245 (Linux)

I have a .PDF file which is fine if I download and print with Document-view but if I print from Brave comes out in black and white and with the text on top of the pictures and about 4 or 5 times normal size. The file I discovered this with is confidential, but it seem anything I print directly is affected.

go to setting then additional settings then printing and make sure that the selected printer there is the same one you print when you use document-viewer and double check it’s preference/settings that it’s not greyscale or something like that

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

could you delete those post and use any random pdf

i do not want your personal info being public

search for any pdf on internet and test with it

there option when you start print called print setup make sure that scale is 100 and paper size is a4 in the settings most of the time the default is us letter

so double check this

The problem is not just with pdf files

If I click on "Print using system dialogue [Ctlr+Shift+P] " then all is well. If I click the orange print button then I get the corrupted output.

This is the case whether I use ^P or the menu item to start the printing process.

[I would delete the data from my previous post if I could find out how.But actually there is no confidential data visible in the scanned images]

My guess is that it is a “Letter” “A4” issue but that is only a guess.

for the delete click on the 3 horizontal dots below your post then you will see the delete icon show up

that weird both of them should be the same

i will ask for @Mattches help he is one of the brave team here

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

I understand that this defeats the purpose for your situation, but can you try testing something? Download the PDF file locally, then open it in Brave and try to print (this is as opposed to having the PDF file open via the webpage and using the Print option.

To test I down loaded and saved it to a file.

I then open the file with Brave and printed it out the attached is the file first page I got.

Very strange – let me ask around and see if some team members might know why this is happening.

Also, is this only for PDF files or does Brave print other file/doc types in the same way? Do you have any extensions installed in the browser?

I have seen the error with every thing I have tried to print. Even straight web pages.

The only extension I have is one to display the flag of the ip country

My feeling is that when I send a file to the printer if I am not running Brave then the queuing system prepends a reset string or file to the job where as Brave does not. I have not been able to track this down but think it likely.

Thought I would let you check that I have a/the correct version

see attached

@PeterA @Mattches

i found this post in chrome
check the last comment i think he/she has the same screen shot you have

and there are a bug been opend for that

hope it get fixed soon and i think if i am correct then you can wait and print using the other applications till they fix it

and have a nice day both of you :slight_smile:

I don’t have chrome on my machine right now, but have just found that I have the same problem with chromium.

I know that I can get good output from Brave if I go to the bottom of the printing screen and select “Print using system dialogue.” - This seems to enforce “If you don’t need it don’t print it”

brave is based on chrome so if there issue in chrome core so brave will get the same issue

brave is built over the chrome source code

hope that explain my point

Out of interest Opera installed via snap cannot even see my printer.

I hope this will be my last comment until I hear of a fix.


I’ve reached out to a few team mates for more information but it seems likely that this will be an upstream fix (that is, it will have to be fixed in the underlying Chromium code) rather than something we adjust ourselves. So this may require some patience.

I have looked at the cups control in /var/spool/cups files generated. and those generated via Brave contain the word “Letter” as the paper size and if printed via the system the size “A4”. So this will only be a problem my side of the Atlantic. I did swap the two data file round and the error stayed with the control file. - There could well be other differences in the control file. It look to me like a configuration issue.

could be that or something else but as Mattches said and also in the link i posted the bug in the chrome core and they working on it so once it fixed in chrome it will be fixed in brave

and hope they fix it soon and have a nice day

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