7 day ad history disappeared and no ads since the disappearance


I’ve been using brave for about half a year and I’m currently encountering an issue where the 7 day ad history button disappeared and I haven’t received an ad since, probably the past 2-3 days. I’ve tried every suggestion I could find on reddit and community posts including refreshing the rewards page, switching off and on brave rewards, turning off focus assist, made sure notifications are on for brave browser, tested the notification banner for brave and so on. If the info helps, I’m currently browsing with Surfshark VPN, mostly on US servers with a full ad catalog whenever I checked.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

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Hi @alchemyduelist - thanks a bunch for reporting. What OS and Brave version are you on? Are ads available in the country that you live in? Do you see them when you’re not on a VPN?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @steeven! I’m currently on Windows 10 with the latest version available(v 1.8.96). I’m in Malaysia and I have received ads before I switched over to using a VPN, I still received ads after switching over to VPN. Only recently that this happened and I stopped receiving ads. I took a photo of the rewards page below.

I have brave installed on a separate PC on Windows 10 (also on VPN) and linked to the same wallet that doesn’t have this issue.

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Thanks for the additional info @alchemyduelist!

Viewing ads via a VPN in a region that you do no live is not a supported feature, and is the likely cause of your issue.

Hi @steeven, thanks for your input! I’ll try and switch to a local server for the next few days and see if there are any changes or improvements. Will keep you posted!

Awesome! Sounds good @alchemyduelist :slight_smile:

Hey @steeven, I’ve switched my region and it seems ads are returning to normal (albeit a bit less). Thanks for the help!

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