Not getting my Brave Rewards!

Key thing was to appear in other countries. Brave has long advised that people should only connect to VPN in their region in order to reduce the chances of complications.

That said, VPN alone isn’t enough to be flagged. But constant use and in a way to abuse the system in an attempt to increase earnings would be a violation. It’s like paying for a movie ticket and the trying to sneak into all the other movies after the one you paid for ended.

In the Terms of Service that we all agree to when creating our Rewards account. Such as in screenshot below:

Clicking that brings you to

And such as when I said you can’t view ads from other countries, that is in that part. You can see the screenshot below, where I also have highlighted the sentence that matters:

Beyond that, a lot of other things all fall into broad categories, which are:

And I could look through to find all sorts of posts and conversations from Brave, but here’s some (with one dating all the way back to 2019):

That’s just some examples. Users have discussed this since I started using Brave around 2020. Examples are below:

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