No rewards. No 7 day ad history. Receiving Ads

Mac High Sierra 10.13.6

For about the last month I have not received any rewards and the “7 day ad history” does not appear. I still receive popup ads. I have been using brave for almost 1 year with minimal issues, (sometime had to update brave to get rewards working again.

I have updated brave, toggled rewards on/off, shut off rewards for a few days and nothing seems to help get rewards counting or the 7 day ad history back. I have had uphold verified and connected.

I do sometimes use a VPN but even when it is off I do not receive rewards (have used a VPN in the same manner in the past from time to time and still received rewards)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Is there somewhere or someone with brave I can contact directly about this?

Good luck! I posted over a week ago w same issue. Have seen a bunch posting and not a single response…

Thanks for the reply. I hope this gets sorted out!

Thank you for all the help you offered, we have resolved the issue which we are looking to add to the next release. Once again, thank you for reporting this.

check this topic

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