I am no longer receiving Brave Ads

I have not received Brave Ads since mid-Dec and I’m not sure what the issue would be. I have gone through the FAQs and I was able to have the Brave Ads Push Notification Test trigger a notification, so my PC doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Windows 10, Brave Version 1.34.80, and in a supported region.

My wallet is verified, linked to Gemini ~10/23/21.

I received rewards in Gemini only once since it was linked, and that was back on 11/11/21.

I have used a VPN on a very limited basis in the Nov-Dec timeframe (2-3 times, 20-30 minutes each time).

I received no rewards in Dec or Jan. When I checked my 30-day Ads History this week I noticed that the last time I received any Brave Ads was 12/16/21.

I’m not sure if there is an issue with my account, but was hoping that it could be checked to see if the issue could be found. Thank you.

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