I am no longer receiving Brave Ads

I have not received Brave Ads since mid-Dec and I’m not sure what the issue would be. I have gone through the FAQs and I was able to have the Brave Ads Push Notification Test trigger a notification, so my PC doesn’t seem to be the issue.

Windows 10, Brave Version 1.34.80, and in a supported region.

My wallet is verified, linked to Gemini ~10/23/21.

I received rewards in Gemini only once since it was linked, and that was back on 11/11/21.

I have used a VPN on a very limited basis in the Nov-Dec timeframe (2-3 times, 20-30 minutes each time).

I received no rewards in Dec or Jan. When I checked my 30-day Ads History this week I noticed that the last time I received any Brave Ads was 12/16/21.

I’m not sure if there is an issue with my account, but was hoping that it could be checked to see if the issue could be found. Thank you.

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No ads since August 2021 here: No payout, no ads, next payment in October?

Thanks … sad that that these issues haven’t been resolved

Same issue. I haven’t been paid for November or December. My wallets verified with Gemini but I can no longer connect the wallets and receive an error, and I am not getting ads anymore since December 15th.

I’m thinking of switching browsers. The fact that I had to agree to allow Brave to view my account details, my balances, and my trade history just for them to stop giving me rewards and payouts really makes me wary and not trust Brave anymore.

If you want to charge people for ads and promise to pay users for their attention to view those ads, then follow through and pay out to the users. Almost seems like the rewards were used as a phishing expedition to gain access to users account details and history outside of Brave. Makes me very suspicious.

Almost like giving Petsmart access to viewing your bank account to get Pet Perks.

Seems odd that a browser that advertises to be centered around privacy would be asking us to view our private financial information.

Right. What is the point of a browser with an ad rewards system that does not display any ads and either development or support staff is unwilling or unable to resolve it?

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