60 BAT disappeared as soon as my Uphold wallet was verified

Basically I’ve been waiting on my Uphold wallet to be verified, and today it was finally verified. As I clicked verify wallet 60 or so BAT disappeared from my wallet. I’m unsure why and would like my prior balance to be restored. I’ve read its a bug but I would love a straight up answer cause its frustrating. Thanks.


Hi @Crubb
Welcome to the Brave community!
This month’s transfer has been done so you will receive your BAT in your uphold account next month!

Wait I’m confused so my 60 BAT is now on a list to be transferred back to my account next month? This makes no sense at all, I verified my wallet and now they take 60 BAT? For what? My earnings for this month so far was 2.1 BAT not 60, Idc at this point I just want my to know ill have my BAT back, or a straight answer to why my BAT has disappeared and if it will return.

You will get your BAT from next month onwards. BAT transfer starts on the 1st week of every month!
My BAT’s are also pending and it always transfers my BAT’s next month!

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